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Vent - Co-sleeping is NOT the reason why my toddler and I are not getting rest.

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Time and Time again, my parents, my in-laws and friends tell me that having a family bed is the REASON why dd does not go to bed early or why I am not getting a good night of rest. I don't see the connection. Even if dd was in a separate room w/ her own bed, she would still be up because she is off her normal sleep cycle and I would be up w/ her. Because I am APing, I wouldn't leave her in a crib to cry all night. Why is it that they think she would sleep better in a separate bed instead of w/ me. DD is a lost cause, but you can start off early w/ ds (who is only 5 mos) because he is use to sleeping alone. This is what my mother told me just a min ago. He has slept w/ me since birth and sleeps BETTER when he is near me. In fact, he will sleep all night if just a part of is body is touching me. THe same goes w/ dd.

I get them to understand my view no matter how much scinetific fact I provide them because the kids do not co-sleep well w/ them (my parents have had to co-sleep w/ them when the kids spend the night). It could be because the kids are out of their normal environment and not w/ has nothing to do w/ co-sleeping. Even if they were sleeping in their own bed, they still wouldn't sleep well at their house because it is not their own bed in their own environment. If I hear one more neg comment about co-sleeping, I'm going to explode. The simple fact is that DH and I love to co-sleep and so do our kids. Screw those who do not agree.

Thank you for listening. Do you want to share any wonderful co-sleeping comments or issues you have ever had to deal w/? What did you do or how did you respond? It may make me feel better.

Co-sleeping w/ Helon 23 mo and Phillip 5 mo
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Originally Posted by buttercup
Why is it that they think she would sleep better in a separate bed instead of w/ me.
Actually, my daughter does sleep much better now that she's moved to her own bed. We abutted a twin to our king sized bed a few weeks ago, and have been putting her down there. She still hears me breathing and she's within arm's reach so I can check on her. She can creep up to join me if she needs a snuggle, and I never turn her down. But, since we began starting her out in that bed each night instead of right next to me, she has absolutely slept better - and so have we. For the past year-ish, she's been an absolute octopus in bed. Her wiggling and turning and throwing random limbs about had been very disturbing to both my husband's and my sleep. Further, she woke fairly readily whenever she'd roll into one of us, or when we'd start moving around in bed ourselves. A mere few feet away, she has fewer disruptions to her sleep and she doesn't disrupt our sleep as readily. I do wake in an instant when she wakes up, even before she crawls over to me; But, I don't wake every time she wiggles in her sleep. She, likewise, doesn't wake up every time I get up to pee in the middle of the night (this had been a problem, with every late-night bathroom trip turning into a crying fit on her part.)

Now, that was not true when she was 5 months old, by any means! I wouldn't have moved her from my side any earlier than we did.
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