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Vent - lost all my patterns

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Can I vent this here? I thought you ladies might understand how upset I am since no one else does! I had a huge collection of crochet pattern booklets, tons of baby patterns...some really hard to find ones and others I just 50 books. I had either found them on eBay or sifted through shelves and shelves of these pattern books at our used book store. Well I couldn't stand the clutter and thought it would be easier to scan them all in, so I've been working on this and organizing it for 2 years now... you can see where this is going... I passed on the books to others. Well my dh made a mistake the other night and restored the computer and didn't check the date - and restored it back to Feb 10th. On Feb 11th, he had copied all the info from our storage DVDs, including all my crochet patterns, to our new 300 gig harddrive. So when he restored it this past week, I lost them all. He wiped the discs and sold them shortly after he copied them to the hard drive, so no safe copies there either... I am so beyond upset. I have a birthday party to go to tomorow and I knew just the thing I was going to make for this little girl and just the pair of booties for her baby brother - can't, don't have the patterns. I got a surprise baby gift from someone in the mail and was going to make her little girl a beautiful pair of booties, can't, don't have the patterns.... I've been collecting them for 5 years and don't even know where to start.

Anyway, I though you all might sympathize with me! No one else seems to understand! LOL
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That is horrible!! I am so sorry!
Oops, double post.
Oh goodness mama I'm so sorry.
I would cry sending hugs.
I'm so sorry! That's heartbreaking.
Hugs, mama.
Oh my, yeah I would be upset too. I am so sorry mama!
I don't know who to feel worse for... you or your DH... so sorry to hear that happened.
Oh, man. I would really struggle with letting go. I hope you can do that (after a good grieving time) and have the heart, soon, to start over again.
Yup, I know how you feel. When we moved 3 years ago I organized all my patterns (leaflets, photocopies, and magazines) into a big 3 ring binder for easy storage and portability. I STILL can't find it!

It had all my favourite patterns and stuff I had made. I still miss it because occasionally I'll come across an item that I know I have a pattern similar to, but now can't get to it. I still don't have the heart to start collecting again.
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