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VENT - PO'd handyman never showed up!

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Can I just vent here?

I'm 8 months pregnant and working full-time. I had contractions for 4 hours last night, but I'm still a month away from my due date. My house is a disaster - the room the baby is supposed to go in is STILL full of stuff from DH and me and he's no help. I posted some recent drama in PaP.

SO - daughter wanted me to attend a school fcn this morning so I decided to take the day off. I talked to a handyman early last week and he came over in the evening and looked at everything I wanted him to do. DH was pissed and acted crappy over the whole thing, but I think he's having some sort of OCD crisis and won't change - won't shovel the driveway and has a reason why everything is a bad idea, including fixing the carpet and the roof leak. But the heck with it - I need to work on the house. There is NO room for the baby.

Anyway, I told the guy I needed him to come today because I'm off. He said no problem. I've been calling him all week and his phone is "not accepting calls." He never showed up. I'm just really mad about this. If I hadn't gotten the handy man, I would have called for personal organizers to show up today. Now a precious vacation day is spent and I'm not really going to make any progress on the house. There are things I can do to clean-up and organize but I was really looking for professional help today!
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Ugh! Days off are so precious. They are always a scramble for me to get things done. I took today off and plan to attempt getting baby things ready (I'm in your DDC). Good luck! When do you start your leave?
I'll pretty much start my leave when I "go."

I did this last time and it worked out fine. I took vacation and worked 3 days a week for the last 2 weeks, which ended up being 3. I'm trying to do something similar, but it will probably be more like 4-day work weeks. We've had some sick/snow days here so the vacation go used up earlier. If I need to I can borrow from next years vacation which will re-set while I'm out. I'm also at 10 years so I get that extra week.
Awwww, I hope your new baby sleeps a lot so you can catch a bit of a break after he or she is born! You've had a rough pregnancy as far as being overly busy. My pregnancy with DS was like that, and I just kind of shudder at the memories.
Just so you know........My husband is in the "handyman" business, and "Handymen" are NOTORIOUS for No calls/no shows. Sorry, but its like a universal law or something.
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I do know how unreliable they can be. This guy's brother works at my company so I thought ya - know both of their professional reputations are on the line. I actually emailed the brother to say - hey, you posted his info on the company bulletin board, and I called him, met him and scheduled a date and now I can't get ahold of him - do you have another contact number?

I should count my blessings that I have a really good plumber/appliance guy, huh?
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