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Ok... here's the scoop. My daughter, Marnie, has her very 1st horse show this weekend (she has been riding for a little over 2 yrs and is also on a vaulting team). The show is on her 9th birthday
: .... sounds great, right.... wrong. She is with her dad this weekend. He lives about 2 1/2 hrs away. Well, I called tonight to say that I could either pick her up early Sun am to have her back for her show or he could bring her back and go to the show. He went on and on about it being an inconvenience to him and that he is entitled to having her every other weekend and I need to make sure that happens. I let him know that she was not put on this earth to do what makes us happy... that she is her own person with likes and dislikes. I kept my cool even though I feel like letting have it.
She's such a good kid & I feel so blessed.
Anyway... just need to vent.
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What a jerk!
Good for you for keeping your cool.

My ex's brother is like that with my niece & nephew. He won't go out of his way to make their activities work and now that they are older, they refuse to go see him. They haven't seen their dad for months because he refuses to drive 45 minutes to let them play soccer on his weekend.

It's so sad when they can't see that this is not a control and manipulation's just kids being kids and having activities & interests.

I hope your daughter gets to go in the show and I hope it's a wonderful experience for her!
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