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Verbal development

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I'm wondering if this a normal pattern for verbal development. My DS, 14 1/2 months, has been saying single words since about 11 months. He has said mama, dada, baby, bye-bye, dog, yum-yum, zoom-zoom (for car
), thank you, gimme, this, and a whole slew of words I can't really think of right off the top of my head. In fact, I *think* he called me the B-word today.
Just kidding, it was a fluke...I think.

But he only says them one at a time. Like one week he'll be stuck on thank you, and then he'll forget about it, and he'll only say dada, or whatever else. He said AND signed "baby" at 11 months or so, but now he doesn't say or sign it at all. And he absolutely loves his baby. He drags it everywhere, cuddles it, and responds appropriately when I say something like, "Can I give the baby kisses?" He'll hold it up so I can kiss it. I still use the sign for baby, but he just doesn't seem interested in the sign at all.

He does pat my chest for "nurse-nurse", waves "bye-bye", palms up for "where did it go?", and finger to lips for "drink". So, he's getting the hang of the other signs I'm teaching him just fine.

So, when people ask me what words he can say, I'm at a loss for what to say.
Do I tell them every single word he's ever said, or just the ones he uses regularly? I know it doesn't *really* matter, I'm just confused.

I just always hear people talk about their babies saying this and that and I wonder if these babies are talking regularly or if they are like my DS and only spitting out one word every other day or so and they are bragging about their *collective* list of words.

I'm not concerned. Just curious. My DS is very advanced physically. Just the other day, I saw him stack six, yes SIX, blocks on the carpeted floor and they didn't topple.
He walked at 8 months and his favorite things are walking backwards and spinning in circles to get dizzy.

Oh, and he's figured out the cabinet locks in the kitchen. Wonderful.
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Sounds normal to me. Words and signs go in and out of favor at this age, then show up again out of the blue later. The sign language instructor I had even had a term for it - "u-shaped development", or something like that.

My son's first sentence was a combination of a word and a sign: palms up for where and the word shoes.

Now at two, he's dropped all signs except please and milk. Oh, and he never shuts up.
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