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My local news station did a story on an infant death in the hospital due to co-sleeping. All the story turned out to be was an anti-cosleeping campaign that called co-sleeping families uneducated. I was thinking of sending this in to them... let me know what you think....

I was extremely offended and upset with the news coverage regarding the infant death out at Torrance Hospital. I'm an extremely educated mother who co-sleeps and was extremely upset to hear all of your newscasters being so condesending towards families who co-sleep. Co-sleeping is natural and incredibly safe, if done correctly. It is LEGAL and a parenting choice. I don't understand why you would choose not to report on both sides of the co-sleeping debate. Why not educate on how to co-sleep safely if you're going to turn an infant death story into an anti-cosleeping campaign? Co-sleeping is an old tradition and still a tradition in many other countries (which have a much lower incidence of SIDS than the US, Japan for ex) and is not going to go away. Why not give a little bit of education on the topic? This baby in torrance died because it was placed on it's chest, inbetween both parents with pillows on a tiny hospital bed... which is a huge NO- NO in the co-sleeping community.
I'm just really upset that the news story claimed that we who co-sleep are uneducated. I am much more educated on the topic than another parent who carelessly puts their baby in a crib without doing any research on long term effects of seperation anxiety. I at least took the time to research BEFORE choosing to bring my son to bed with us. I will not watch your station if stories continue to be so biased.
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