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Very baby fitteds- side-snapping or front-snapping?

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I have the Very Baby fitted pattern, and have used it to make XS fitteds so far. I made them with touchtape, so they are front-closing. I'm getting snaps soon and will be making a bunch more fitteds in all the sizes. Which is better- front-snapping or side-snapping? Or is it just a matter of preference? Is there significant wing-droop with front-snapping?

Is it hard to hide the snap parts on side snapping? (since they are on the wings, which are narrower, so the parts would be closer to the seams and might get in the way of sewing)??? Do you even need to hide the parts? I would hide metal ones definitely, but maybe not resin. Opinions? And I always appreciate tips for hidden snaps on turned-and-topstiched diapers!

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