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very baby newborn diapers

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How do the fitted very baby newborn diapers compare with kissaluv 0's?? I go 6 kissaluvs so far and wanted to get some more but I hear they aren't that absorbent. Are these better or about the same?
What about the vb aio's. Would you invest in any of these for a newborn?? So far I only bought prefolds and fitteds. Thanks!
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I used VERY BABY AIOs and they fit perfectly on my 7lb'er. Couldn't be a better fit. THey were absorbent.
The aios are a perfect fit on a 7 lb newborn. Fit my baby up to about 9 lbs. Would fit longer in the waist, but her butt crack was hanging out. LOL

The very baby side snap fitteds are an awesome fit too! Cute, tiny little diaper, perfect fit, fits to about 10 lbs. I ordered more in size small for my baby.
Oh, if I had it to do over again I would have at least a dozen and a half VB Newborn AIO's. I didn't have any when dd was a newborn but I just made some for a friend and they seem perfect for newborn use. The resale is good and that way you don't have to invest in a lot of covers as well.
forgot to answer your ?...

I had two Kissaluvs 0 and I didn't care for them at all. I think she wore them once each....I prefered the AIOs so I didn't ahve to deal with a separate cover....plsu the kissaluvs with a cover were bukier than the VB AIOs.
I skipped the newborn and just bought small vb aio. I only have 2 of them but they fit pretty soon after ds was born. He was 7 lbs 8 oz at birth and was wearing them at about 1 month. Personally I don't find them that absorbant. But I also don't find the kissaluvs to be the least bit absorbant so between the two I would pick the vb. I'm one of those that is surprised by how much I just prefer prefolds!
. We use fb at night and dh only uses the fuzzi bunz. I rarely use my kissaluvs and I even more rarely use my vb aios.

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