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Very Baby pattern question

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I've made quite a few diapers but this seems strange to me...

I just got the Very Baby fitted pattern and according to the directions, the elastic is only sewn to the 2 absorbent body layers--not the knit outer--is that correct? It seems rather strange to me and when you look at pics of the diapers, it looks like the elastic is sewn to the outer as well? Am I just crazy? TIA!
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I've done it both ways. If you're using 3 layers, it's easier to do it to the 2 inner (or outer) layers...but that's more a practical issue than a design issue. The outer layer will still gather, but you won't see the zig-zag from the elastic application. The fitted diapers I see on the Very Baby site do look like the elastic was sewn to the outer layer. I think it's a matter of preference more than anything.
Thanks! I didn't think I was going crazy! (at least not with this!
) I do prefer the elastic sewn to the outside and I'm used to doing it that way, so that's not an issue. Thanks!
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You can sew it to the Inner layers and then when the diaper is done and sewn together, do a basting stich thru all 3 layers right on top of the elastic!
It's a little trick to get both Inner and outer sewn together.
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