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very baby??

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where is everyone buying these very baby all in ones that i keep hearing about?all i seem to find are patterns to make them - and that surely isn't going to happen over here. am i just too late to try a very baby?
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Momsboardwalk and Fruitfull garden stock some every week at HC and everyone once in a while you can catch a custom slot at Mommys little sweetie , flutterby or some of the other VB whams
you can go to Very Baby and click on the licensed contractors button and from there I would check each site and join all the announcement lists so you will hear first when anyone opens for customs or stocks their store. You might check the trading post if you can or eBay.

Good luck!
Please read the reviews for the different licensed contractors up in the Diapering Reviews section before you decide to place a big order, though...
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