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Very Itchy Vulva

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I am 24 weeks pregnant and boy does my vulva itch! I have seen my midwives about it twice now and there is no sign of any kind of infection. Diagnosis - itchy vulva.

One midwife told me that it is one of the less usual pregnancy tribulations but she has known many women to experience it. Her suggestion was comfrey if I can find it (I can't) or goldenseal. Goldenseal I can find but it is $30 a bottle. She said I only need to use a pinch in an ounce of water 3 times a day. Just pat it on and I should feel better within a week.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have you found any remedies that work? What exactly causes "itchy vulva"?

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No idea what the cause is, but it could be from dryness - or maybe even a bit of yeast. I would try some plain cold yogurt on the vulva a couple times a day.
When I'm pregnant, I don't get internal (vaginal) yeast infections, but I do get them externally. If you are willing to use regular, OTC anti-yeast cream, try using some of that and see if it helps. If it doesn't, you'll know that that probably isn't what you have.
something that will work really good - and is really cheap - is a hydrogen peroxide wash. Just fill a squirt bottle with 1/2 H2O2 and 1/2 water and squirt all around the outside of your vagina and in between the labia. This works really good - you can do it a couple times a day to start with, then maybe every other day until the itching is gone.
It might just be an allergic reaction to something coming in contact with your skin. Maybe your laundry detergent or soap or something. If you are using disposable pantiliners, I'd quit and try some cloth instead. I know that many of my allergies get much worse when I'm pregnant (and some other allergies seem to go away - it doesn't make much sense).

ETA - It might also be from urine leakage. That's not something anyone ever tells you about, but I experienced leaky bladder both times I was pregnant...much worse with DD1, who I carried really really low.
I am going to try a couple of these suggestions. Wish me luck!
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