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Very large gap between first teeth

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Lulu has a BIG gap between her first top teeth. She's nine months old. The gap is approximately the size of a tooth. She's got a total of four teeth, two on the bottem, two on the top ... all "centered" in the mouth (KWIM?).

It makes nursing painful for me (part of my nipple gets wedged in there I think).

Is there anything I need to worry about? Will it just gradually grow together?

Thanks so much.

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Gaps in baby teeth are good b/c it means there is plenty of room in the mouth for the big teeth. Most gaps do not carry over to permanent teeth. Both mine have gaps. I *do* have a gap between my front teeth, think Madonna, that I had bonded at 19 so you can't see it. I wish now I hadn't but, oh well.
A gap between the front teeth is actually an ancient sign of beauty, remember Chaucer's Wife of Bath?
Sorry it hurts nursing tho, but those top teeth snag and pinch anyway, and you guys will likely figure out how to nurse so it doesn't get stuck as she gets older.
Thank you Dalai Mama! This was very reassuring to hear. Love the screen name!

Anybody else have experience with this?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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