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VERY Stubborn thrush, tried all ideas, HELP!

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When dd was 3 weeks old I developed thrush in my breasts, but didn't realize it until she was 5 weeks, when it showed up in her mouth. Started treatment of acidophillus 3x daily for both of us, and cut back on the sugar/yeast/wheat foods. Her thrush was gone in her mouth after a week, showed up on her bum for a week then dissapeared altogether. She hasn't had it since.
Mine didnt go away so I sarted on GSE, 10 drops 3x daily, then 15 drops 3x daily a week later, then 20 drops 3x daily a week later and still doing this dose now.
I am also using Silver colloids externally on my nippples and internally.
Also, cleaning nipples after every feeding with vinear/water, and soaking all my shrits, sheets and bras in hot water and vinegar after each use/every day.
The problem is that its not ON my nipples, it seems to be inside...
DD is now 10 weeks, so I have had this for 7 weeks now, and it is NOT getting any better. It is not bad though, just having heavy pain during let-down and really really red nipples.
I cannot afford the $75 for the prescription drugs to get rid of this, and Im not too keen on doing it that way anyways.
Im thinking of trying the gentian violet, but I dont think that puttting that on my nipples is going to treat the thrush inside my breasts... Will gentian violet help?

Any other suggestions of what I can do?

Edited to add: I'm taking psyllium husk/seed to try to cleanse the candida out of the intestinal track as well.....
I am also boiling her pacifier daily and replacing it weekly.
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I agree with you, the topical stuff might not work once the thrush is inside the breast. Diflucan is really best in that case but you're right, it's hideously expensive and you need to take it for about 2 weeks.

Newman's handout here says there's a cheaper generic Diflucan. Normally it's about $300-350. Perhaps the $75 is the cheaper cost?

I've also heard of taking oral nystatin for candida. But haven't heard anything about this for breastfeeding moms and whether it'll do the job.

If you've had thrush this long, I'd think the expense and the strong med might be the best way to go. Sorry, probably not what you want to hear.
Definitely try gentian violet. What have you got to lose?! I had terrible thrush for almost 6 months, so I can definitely sympathize with you.

I remember reading somewhere that gentian violet can be effective for ductal yeast (which, I assume, is what you have). GV actually didn't work for me, but it has worked for so many people that I would still suggest using it. It would help mine, but just not get rid of it.

Does the acidophilus you are taking have bifidus in it? This is key. I was taking 12-15 capsules a day (one every waking hour) when I finally got rid of my thrush. It is expensive, though. Probably the same cost as buying the diflucan.

Is there anything else going on that could be supressing your immune system? Thrush usually gets really bad only when your immune system is not at its best. I found that my allergies to my cat were causing my immune system to be supressed. Are you sleeping enough? (Of course not! But try to get some extra sleep). Eating well? Taking echinacea?

Don't forget that even though your dd no longer has any visible symptoms, she can still reinfect you with yeast. If you do decide to take diflucan, I would treat her with GV at the same time (swab a bit on her tongue).

Hang in there! You will not always have thrush. It will be cured eventually!!

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I also have battled yeast since 3 wk pp (dd is now 19 wks). I took my first round of Diflucan around 8 wks and started my second round (stronger dose) at 17 wks. I have also been using Jack Newman's nipple ointment since wk 8.

I TOTALLY empathize with you and KUDOS to you for also sticking it out. It sounds like you have got the yeast stable in that you didn't mention any ongoing breast pain beside the let down - but you're not able to get it reduced or removed from your ducts.

Yesterday I saw a homeopathic dr. to try and get this under control long term. This is based on Chinese medicine, but here is what I will be taking:

*Candex - 2 caps 2x/day
*Probiotic Caps - 5 caps 2x/day (the acidophilus is a very narrow attempt at getting all of the probiotics back in order to contain the yeast)
Postpartum (Qi & Jing herbal supplement) - 3 tabs 3x/day
*Probiotic Magoroku Creme - applied topically to nipples or any skin condition
Ton Blood, Ton Qix formula - 1 dropperful 3x/day
Chlorophyl - 1 qt. water + 2 Tb chlorophyl + juice of 1/2 org. lemon - drink 2 qts/day
Seasilver - 1 capful held under tongue (20 secs) 4x/day
*Pan 'D' Aroo (Taheebo) tea

the * signifies the supplements that are specifically geared to beat the yeast.

I have also been following a rigid protocol:

Wash bedding, towels, bras, burp clothes - anything that comes into contact with the milk - in hot water and add vinegar to the rinse cycle.
Wash hands often, but steer clear of the antibiotic soaps as they also kill the good stuff you need - use paper towels for drying as wet hand towels harbor yeast.
If you pump, sterilize via extra hot cycle on dishwasher, microwave, or boiling all pump parts, bottles and nipples that come into contact with the milk.
Use milk within 24 hours or scald before freezing.
Change your toothbrush.
Use a fresh bath towel for every shower.
Make sure to really clean under the breasts (I am WELL endowed)
Make sure all baby folds are really cleaned and checked for yeast, especially under the neck.

I too used the GSE on my nipples before the 2nd round of Diflucan. It helped ease the nipple pain, but did not touch the duct problem.

I did not try GV, but what have u got to lose - it is a very inexpensive treatment.

It is SOOOOOO important to treat your dd in addition to you. While she may not show signs, she can carry the yeast and the two of you will continue passing it back and forth. You should also consider your partner (if you have one) being treated as again, you can pass this around the family.
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Originally posted by bilbo333
You should also consider your partner (if you have one) being treated as again, you can pass this around the family.
True! I forgot to mention that part. Dp had two vaginal yeast infections while the boys and I was going through the whole thrush thing. She had never had a yeast infection before. The yeast works its way into everything!

Also, throw out your toothbrush, and replace it every week until the thrush is gone.

I just wanted to add that it's not unusual to have slightly painful let-downs. I did! It only actually 'hurt' for a second or three at the height of the letdown and before and after felt like 'pin's and needles'.

GV would be great for the nipple redness. The red would be completely replaced by purple
. But seriously, I do not mean to make light of your predicament.GV is great stuff! I only used it on me tho, as DS was irritated by it. Toward the end of our yeast oddesy, I was just treating myself and leaving DS outta the equation. I bought some OTC Canestan cream (meant for vag infection) and put that on my nipples in between each feeding. I'd be sure to wipe it off before nursing. This is what finally kicked it for me!

P.S. Nystatin is becoming less and less effective against Candida albicans.
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Time was the biggest factor in getting rid of the yeast for us. But the methods for getting rid of it listed at did help alleviate the symptoms.

When the suggested treatments weren't really working so well for us, I noticed that drinking green tea DID. I can't say that it was directly beneficial, but it was the only new thing I was doing. It's worth a shot, anyway.
Thank you all for the new round of ideas, I will be sure to try them all and hopefully we can kick this!

But seriously, what a pain the butt this whole thrush thing is!!!!
Or a pain in the boob, more accurately.

I third the recommendation to try the gentian violet. We had to do it twice, but it got rid of my ductal yeast when 4 weeks of Diflucan didn't.

The first time around, I painted all of my breasts purple for three days running - not just the nipple/areola. Note: put your oldest sheets on the bed and wear clothes you don't care about, as this stuff makes a mess! I also put a cotton swab with GV on it in ds' mouth, just for a second or two until it was purple all around. Note: put Vaseline around the outside of baby's mouth to help stop the spread of GV everywhere.

I also second the recommendation to take a good look at your diet - cut out white sugar, white flour, and any processed foods/junk foods. It really does make a difference.

I hope you lick the yeasty beasties soon! They surely make life a misery, don't they?
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