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Very Very Sad Militants have murdered American Hostage

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BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Al-Jazeera television says Iraqi militants have killed Pfc. Keith M. Maupin.
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I am so sorry for his family to have gone through this.

It seems like the hostage execution thing is getting them much more attention. I wonder if we will see more of this, esp since our own government won't show the flag-draped coffins of our own soldiers.
In the FWIW category:

Luke 5:39, Matt 5:29, and Did 1:4 (turn the other cheek) is often translated incorrectly. The misunderstanding arises out of the *nature* of the blow (slap). Most people think of a blow with the fist. But a right-handed blow would strike the left cheeck. A left hook would hit the right cheek of the victim. However, in Jesus' time the left hand was never used publicly. It was a punishable crime to even gesture with it in some areas. The only way to strike someone's right cheek with the right hand is with the back of the hand. This is not a blow to cause injury, but rather a symbolic act intended to humiliate. It was always administered from a superior to inferior, master to slave, man to woman, parent to child, Roman to Jew. The message was "get back in your place, submit to authority. You are my inferior and as such are scum."

Jesus assumes those listening are accustomed to such treatment...thus "If anyone slaps you..." In effect Jesus is advising: Don't take this kind of treatment anymore. Turn the other cheek. (role play it if it helps...) It is an act of defiance. It is now impossible with the other cheek presented to repeat the backhand blow. If it didn't work the first time to put the intended victim in his/her place, it won't ever work, because the power is symbolic. The master will dare not use his fist because only equals fight with fists and that is the last thing the master wants for the inferior to believe he is equal.

By turning the other cheek the victim is saying, "I am a human being and will not be treated this way." It is not the way to avoid punishment. It is not the way of submission.

War was not the only response but it was the response chosen by the President and Congress. Bush did not make this a religious war, the Muslim zealots who want to see an end to the United States and freedom did that.
As for misrepresenting himself, I do not believe Bush has ever denied being a devout Christian...and wasn't it Jesus who tore down the temple and destroyed the marketplace?

Cool Breezes,

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"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God."
If y'all aren't carefully tugging that poor boys corpse back and forth trying to use him as a banner for your cause you're gonna shred him.
Yes, Kama, I see you point. Like can't this just be a thread about how sad the war is. But, I also understand why some here can't help but think of how we got to this point.

What a world!
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When and where will it ever end?

How very sad for the family.
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