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Vibes of patience

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Please send all vibes of patience my way...PLEASEEEEEE

First child and can not wait to meet him. Every little thing that happens I think, it this it and I am driving myself crazy. I do not think of anything else but that.
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Something you could do that might help would be to talk to your child in utero, telling him/her your feelings and emotions right now. Breath deeply (meditation or prenatal yoga breathing), picture the baby in your arms when you close your eyes, and let peaceful, positive thoughts come your way.
Try to go through your day talking to your baby about anything and everything. Even what you're eating or what you're craving. Laughing and smiling are very good things - you could also watch one of your favourite comedy movies or television series to relax and laugh.
He/she will come when he/she is won't be pregnant forever! (although you might feel that way).
yeah, I'm definately feeling that way.
Trust me, I've been talking to this one for a while...mainly telling her to come out! LOL
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Don't feel bad about feeling that way, I definitely did with my first baby! Heck, I feel like that now and I'm not even overdue yet or anything
: We really won't be pregnant forever, I promise (I've been telling myself that all day!). Maybe starting to work on a project or something so you are distracted might help?
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