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Victoria BC wooden/waldorf toys...

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Anyone know of a store that carries Wooden/Waldorf Toys in the area?

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I'm not certain but maybe the little toy store on Oak Bay Ave. behind the Fairway Market?
Is that Timeless Toys? I saw it in the phone book. I'm just visiting for the month of August and want to get a few things.

Yeah, that's the name. It's a really small place that doesn't face the road. I know they have things like all-natural crayons and non-competitive games. They have a Plan Toys dollhouse that's to die for. As far as baby toys, I'm not sure. Even though I'm down in Oak Bay at least once/week, I try to avoid the toy shop or I might spend money!

Have fun in Victoria!
Thanks. My boys are 3 and 6 so it sounds good. I really just want to get some blocks. We have a a gagillion toys back home. Unfortunately, I can't go without the boys so we'll see if I make it out without having spent a fortune.

Take care.
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