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video camera....?

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hi all
i'm really not sure what to do. we have a video camera that we only use a few times a year....when a baby is born, birthdays, holidays. we really dont have time to use it more often, but we def. want one available to capture a few special times a year. well, i guess because we dont use it that often, our batteries keep going bad and need to be replaced (at $40 a piece!) no, they wont take a charge. we just got 2 new batteries 2 years ago...used them a few times.....did everything we were supposed to do to take care of them.....and now we pulled them out to get the camera ready to capture our new baby (who is due in a week) and the batteries wont work ;o( the price has went up to $60 (special order), so we dont want to order any more batteries if we can find a better option. does anyone have a recommendation? would it be better to buy a new camera that takes a different battery? will we have this problem with every battery type? is there a camera type that you recommend? where should i be looking for the best deal on cameras? i havent checked into new technology in quite awhile (ours takes VHS tapes)....what should i be looking for that wont cost a fortune?
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How long of a sustained time period do you need to shoot during birthdays, holidays, etc.? For people who want just one or two minutes at a time (enough to capture Grandma cooing over the baby, or someone blowing out their candles), it's extremely common to use the short-clip video feature on a cell phone or on a digital camera. If you already have one of those items in your life, or were thinking of getting one, it could replace your video camera very easily.
I agree with Marisol. We have a little Camcorder that we're trying to sell because we just don't use it enough. My little Cannon pocket camera has a video option and takes surprisingly high quality videos. And it is really easy to operate. My 3yo has even started making her own movies!
I purchased a video recoreder thingy at target for DS bday last week at target for $59.00 its digital and says it can upload to u-tube. I think reg price it was $100.
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