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Visiting Cocoa Beach area and Disney in April

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Hello, I would like to ask about the central Fl area and Cocoa beach area in Florida in April. How is the weather? We will be spending a weekend near the Kennedy Space Center. I was wondering if someone can tell me where the nicest beach is, and if this is a good time to go? Should we stay on Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, in Cocoa itself, or on Meritt Island?

We will then be spending a week in orlando and will visit Disney. Any tips appreciated!
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If you want to be near the space center don't look for hotels in Melbourne. The commute from Melbourne to the space center would be at least an hour depending on traffic. We have many friends that work at the space center and about the furthest they live away is Viera which make for a plenty long commute in the morning. Keep in mind that the space center is on an island so there are very limited ways in and out. Depending on exactly what you plan to do and see Titusville is closer to the space center, but Merritt Island is pretty close too. At that time in the year I think hotels are charging more for spring break things. Beaches will also depend on if you like the big touristy places or more out of the way access points that locals use. I personally think the water is too cold to go in to in April, but my mom went in while visiting 2 years ago when ds2 was born although only wading and chasing ds1.
Yeah, the Atlantic will be cold in April so you might want to stay near some of the State Parks, the weather will be perfect for being out in the woods.

As far as Disney goes... well, I was there for the day over the Holidays and was very disappointed. It is NOT the Disney my mom took me to as a child. VERY CROWDED. I mean, so crowded that I saw women sitting on the ground to breastfeed or change their babies diapers. Also the price of food is ridiculous. Bring your own into the park; I know you're not allowed, but hide it in the bottom of your bag or something. You'll be glad you did because there aren't many options other than hamburgers inside the Magic Kingdom.

Expect 45-1 hour long wait times for the rides, too, so make sure you and your kids are comfortable and prepared for that. If you have little ones that won't be able to handle that kind of wait, don't go.
Oh no, that's not what I was hoping to hear, but I guess better to know it now!

April may be a very busy month. I'm hoping it will still be manageable. And warm :)
I think cold water is relative, too.

I wouldn't go in the water in April, but I'm from Georgia, and we don't go swimming until mid May at the earliest, even in the gulf. I've seen people from up north swimming in early March, and they act like it's a great thing. You can probably google for average water temps.
- I will agree that Disney can get very crowded over the holidays. April should not be too bad, unless you are planning to go around Easter, I would think.
- During April, EPCOT will be having their annual Flower & Garden Festival. From the photos I have seen, it looks very pretty.
- You are allowed to bring food into the parks per the Disney website.
- If you use the FastPass system, you can experience shorter waits in line.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any more questions about WDW.
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I would recommend against Cocoa Beach especially due to the timing, Spring Breaks tend to be going on through much of April.
Thanks, well since it is April we might not be doing the beach much but we are planning to stay there the weekend in order to visit KSC two days. Any other ideas?
Cocoa Beach will def be filled with spring breakers. Try Jetty Park (there are hotels right there too, it's out at the Cape). Jetty Park is very family friendly. It also has a campsite and a playground. And a long fishing pier. That is my fav beach to take the kids to. Playalinda is prettier but the surf is much rougher there.

nak hth any...
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