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Hey All-
So, Im a Texas and will be in Toronto for 5 days with a 5 year old and a 2 year old.
I was hoping i could get some sightseeing recommendations-
but really what I need are some reasonably priced resterauntes for kids- and I mean to say that my 2 year old will spend most of the time walking around. restreaunts that have trains or moving things are always entertaining enough.


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Go to Centre Island..they have an amusement park that's geared towards the younger kids...complete with petting zoo. As its been about 5 years since I left T.O.....I am not the best one for giving directions...I can get there..but don't ask me how I did it, yk.
Basically just ask anyone how to get down to the ferry....k...disregard....I just googled it for's a linky:

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Go to and you can search for restaurant type by neighbourhood. The noisy chain restaurants are great for kids, but no restaurant will really let your child walk around. It is not that safe, especially if they are busy.
The Old Spagetti Factory is great for kids, and has lots of interesting things to look at. You will find that it is only the big restaurants that have proper change facilities.

Things to do

Centre Island is a great recommendation. (

Also try:
Ontario Place
Ontario Science Centre
Toronto's parks and gardens
Toronto Zoo
Riverdale Farm
Black Creek Pioneer Village

Have fun
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