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We just started using a picture schedule for my dd. She's taken right to it and it really seems to help her get through her day. Weve also tried using 'choice boards' in the past with varied results. The movie choice boards are a lifesaver, as well as the drinks one. It makes it easier to show what's not available on the menu - {we use the symbol of a red circle with a line thru it and stick it over the juice for example, when we're out of juice}. But with the play activities one, I made it for both of my kids, and my youngest doesn't understand the icons. So I gotta take out the camera again.

Im really interested to hear/ read of others' ideas and experiences with visual aids. What seemed to work, and what seemed to be confusing? For us, line drawings are still too confusing. {Thanks to thoesly for your detailed description of using schedules with your little ones, it sparked this thread.}

Id also like to recommend a book I used to help make the schedule, Visual Strategies For Improving Communication by Linda Hodgdon.
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