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Doing my homework on vitamin K, and seriously considering refusing. Since I've heard horror stories about ped. on call (my ped. is in another town and doesn't have privileges where I will deliver in Dec.) blasting refusing parents, I want to be prepared. Called the hospital pharmacy and asked about vit. K used for injections. This is what I found out:<br><br>
Manufacturer: International Medication System (IMS)<br>
Generic Name: Phytonadione<br>
No specific insert comes with it because that information is "not usually dispensed to the patient" per the pharmacist with whom I spoke<br>
1 milligram vitamin K<br>
10 miligrams polysorbate 80<br>
10.4 milligrams propolene glycol<br>
0.17 milligrams sodium acetate<br>
0.00002 mililiters acedic acid<br><br>
So, those of you who are our resident experts, what do you think? As always, thanks in advance for your input.
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