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Vitamin B 6 and Unisom combo?

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I was at my midwife appointment, (ok medwife) last week. Still having nausea at 14 weeks and bad insomnia. She said that alot of people take 50 mg of B 6 morning and night with a unisom tablet. Have any of you heard of this or done this?
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Oh, if you have taken it, I have a question: when I went to the store there are the Unisom tablets which are the doxylamine succinate 25mg, then they have unisom maximum strength but the active ingredient is dyphenhydramine 50mg and it's a gel cap.
Dyphenhydramine is also the active ingredient in Benydryl, only it is 25 mg in the benydryl. (Which my medwife also say that some people take). so "which" unisom is it??
I've heard of it and done it and it worked really well for me. I could not find the combo so I bought regular Unisom tablets and b6 vitamins. I took 1/2 tablet of unisom but only at night because it zonked me too much. My midwife didn't tell me a mg amount she only said to take half so I got the tablets. I think if I could have taken it during the day it would have been even better.

Hope it works for you.

Doc Mercola has some info on his site:

I remember reading that the drug is in the process of being "re-approved" here in the States, and it is already available in Canada.

At 18.5 wks I'm still on the Unisom (I never remember to take the b6). My midwife suggested 1/2 tablet of doxylamine succinate (12 mg) up to 3x day, starting at night, and using it during the day if you need to. Now I'm able to take just 1 dose/day most days.

It works really well for me, though I'm tired, and feel worthless a lot (I sleep the whole afternoon when ds sleeps), but it's better than the alternative for me, which is barfing my guts out all day and ending up on an IV again (sorry for the run-on sentence).

I had been on phenergan, composine and zofran (last pregnancy) and definitely like the doxylamine better. It eliminates most of the nausea (though not perfect), and I throw up much less frequently (sometimes just a few times a week versus 8+x day)
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