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Vitamin b6 for nausea - anyone else use it?

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HI I am just wondering if anyone else takes vitamin b6 supplements for nausea and if so how much. If you used it in a previous pregnancy? Did it work?
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Hi babydoll-
I was taking B6 while ttc and have continued to take one tablet a day (100 mg) and I'm about 8 weeks along. M/S hasn't hit me hard, but this week I've had some icky nausea. So, I'm not sure if the B6 has helped by alleviating the severity of m/s for me or if this is just what my first trimester is like. I haven't stopped taking it cause I'm not sure I want to find out! It's my first pregnancy.
I tried b6, and it didnt help at fact it made my ms worse. I only took 25mg. It's worth trying though, it might help you.
My dr. prescribed the prenatal that has b6 in it because I asked about it. It may have helped a little bit, but snacking frequently helped more.
I also had the prenatal w/ B6 last time and it didn't help a bit. Eating protein frequently and sucking on Preggie Pops is helping this time
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I found it to be pretty helpful. I am sorry, I can't remember the dosage but I remember that it was in lozenge form and also contained folic acid. It was made by KAL labs.

It never completely took away the morning sickness, but it did seem to help me a bit. That and strong peppermints or hard sour candy got me through my daily bus rides. Ginger never did jack, though - made me sicker, in fact.
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