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From the archives.

Basically, for non-high risk kids (i.e. kids who are dark skinned living in far northern climates or have other health issues), Vitamin D from sunlight is sufficient. The CDC report mentioned in the above archives (I know I posted the report from the working group) says that direct sunlight for 15 min 2 x daily (8am and 4pm would be great) is completely sufficient. Btw, light through a window is NOT sufficient. So just take your kids for a walk every day without sunscreen (hence the timing) and they should get all the vitamin D they need.

BTW, the vitamin drops they sell have other vitamins - mainly vitamin A and C, I think. While it is very important that kids have good vitamin A stores, very very few kids in the US will have vitamin A deficiencies and getting those stores from bioavailable sources (carrots, mangos, and orange sweet potatoes are great) is much better than a supplement.

I did give my baby a few drops of trivosol when he hit about 6 months old and it was Feb/March and we weren't going outside at all. He wasn't eating much in terms of solids and I was afraid that I was deficient in vitamin D. But as soon as the weather improved, I stopped the vitamins.

My 2 cents.

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