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Vitamin D for Me!!!

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I have a parathyroid problem which means that my body has trouble holding calcium. I normally have this well under control but things have been a little off lately.

There are medically approaches to dealing with this, but I'd prefer to avoid them if I can. So I'm trying to eat more calcium and my doc wants me to up my intake of vitamin D.

I know how to get calcium, but what foods are high in Vitamin D? Can anyone recommend a good Vitamin D supplement?
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just bumping this up.

if I can't find a way to stabilize my calcium I may have to be hospitalized. When your calcium drops low enough your entire nervous system begins to shut down and if you don't get medical attention fast enough you die. been down that path once and I just don't want to go there again.
Okay, the babe is sleeping now...

SUNSHINE! Go out in it with as much uncovered skin as is practical for 5-20 minutes a day (no sunscreen) Less time if you're fair skinned, more if you're dark skinned. Really vit. D is easy to get.

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