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We eat a generally healthy diet, but sometimes I feel my children may benifit from some additional supplements or vitamins. Especially Calcium and iron since my 1 year old has lead posioning. What supplements do you give your chilren and how much at what age? Multivitamins? Please be specific of what brands you use if they are vegitarian or kosher. Thanks!

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I'm not a daily supplement person, but these are the supplements I have in the cupboard and use for my kids sometimes. I'm not 100% positive, but I think everything I have is vegetarian. Maybe someone else can point it out if they aren't. I don't know about kosher. I had a really hard time finding a vegetarian source of DHA and don't feel that flax is adequate enough. The Barleans claims to be vegan and is sourced from algae but algae is a plant? an animal? I'm not sure? I have to buy the refrigerated kind because all of the other so-called vegan sources are packed in fish gelatin capsules. What is wrong with these people? If I had no issues with eating fish, I would just buy fish sourced-DHA. But since I'm looking for fish-free DHA, please stop packaging it in FISH capsules (Sorry for the rant, I kind of feel like Lilo who refused to feed her fish tuna).<br><br>
Barlean's Vegan Omega Swirl DHA (actually is stored in the fridge) - I try to give this to them daily but it's usually about 4 times a week<br><br>
Emergen-C tangerine flavor - only when they are starting to come down with something or might be a little dehydrated and in need of electrolytes<br><br>
Dr. Weil Vit D microtabs - mostly in winter, not when they spend all day everyday outside<br><br>
Floradix Iron + Herbs - my youngest tends to dip low on iron so I get a bottle and the whole family takes it and it lasts about 2 weeks and then I forget to buy another one for a while<br><br>
Natural Calm Magnesium - definitely not daily but I use it to help with so many many things. read the site <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Trader Joe's chewable melatonin - I buy like one bottle per year and only give them a small chunk off the tablet on nights when they just really have trouble falling asleep.<br><br>
Twinlab b12 dots sublingual - this sometimes really helps my son regulate. I'm sure we could all use it so when he's taking some, we all do. It seems to help him start his day with less dragging and frustration.<br><br>
I have a collection of herbals and homeopathics too:<br>
mullein oil<br>
rescue remedy and a few other assorted bach remedies<br>
golden seal<br>
grapefruit seed extract<br>
arnica montana<br>
nux vomica<br>
rhus tox<br>
arnica ointment<br>
various essential oil essences<br>
lots of medicinal teas<br>
equinox botanicals golden healing salve<br><br>
I feel woefully understocked. But I suppose if I need something I don't already have I can go buy it.
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