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Hi ladies (and gents)
I am 8wks pg and I have a B complex vit that I was thinking of taking, but was unsure if the 'other Bs' in the complex (or other ingredients) would pose any problems...anyone know? It is Nature Made Super B-Complex with Vit C and folic acid...also has B6 and B12. Some of the other ingredients that I'm curious about are Calcium Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, and Magnesium Stearate.
Funny...I would take this to my Dr, but for some reason I have more faith that you ladies have done the foot work on this at one point in time or another and probably can provide me with a better answer...oh it was sad when my naivete wore off and I decided not to trust Drs very much (happened with the birth of my dd)
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Are you wanting to take this in addition to a prenatal?

I have always had great luck asking for help from the lovely and knowledgeable people in the supplements departments at my natural foods grocers, they know everything!!

I took Perfect Prenatal, which, though pricey, is totally worth it to me. It's organic, completely natural and made from food, and it doesn't make you nauseous, even if taken on an empty stomach. And it has everything in it...just a recommendation, I suppose, sorry I couldn't answer your question.

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Shouldn't be an issue. I don't take prenatals, but I do do a B complex. Well, I did until I started doing Vitamineral Green which has all the B's. Before, I was just doing the B complex, zinc, CLO and magnesium.
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