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Vitex for supply issues?

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I was at a health food store and they had a computer about herbs and on it it said Vetix and Nettle could help with supply. I just looked them up on Kelly Mom and it said Vitex could lower supply? I am really not happy about this. Specially seeing I tried to ask a sales person in that section for help and he said he could give me no information because it is against FDA law to do so.

Any information you know of Mamas?

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I've never heard of it either way, but personally I would trust the kellymom site over the salesperson at the store. Have you tried Fenugreek? A Fenugreek and Nettle combination would help.
The Nursing Mother's Herbal says that vitex can be used to regulate your cycles, but also has the side effect of lowering supply. Initially, it may encourage prolactin so you might see a boost in supply at first, but over the long-term it will decrease your milk supply.

Nettle is said to be an effective galactogogue, however.
So I will keep taking the Nettle and get Fenugreek. How much Nettle do you think I should take? Each pill is 438 mg and it says take two twice daily but it does not say why you take this much and for what.

Thank You!
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i've heard both. i think i helped regulate my supply (my crazy over-supply) when i started taking it to reugulat my cycles.
NMH says that many capsules of the Nettle would be needed to see a sufficient result, but she doesn't elaborate what "many" means. I'm guessing it's more than what the bottle tells you, but I'd go slowly adding more to your dose, because an upset stomach is one of the possible negative side effects.

For fenugreek, many women don't see results until they're taking at least 3500mg per day.
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