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Hi everyone

I became an official SAHM a couple of months ago (my son is 26 months old and I worked part-time with office at home, mostly evenings and weekends, until I decided that was insane and not worth the stress) and would like to do some volunteer work. I first started thinking of doing something career related, to keep my resume active, but I'm more open now to the idea of doing something completely different. I'm looking for ideas. So, if you volunteer, what do you do? Are you able to bring your child/children along, or do you do it in your 'spare' time (haha)? I really don't want to do something kid-related, though that would probably be the easiest. I've seen the local library looking for people to deliver books to old people, figure ds could tag along with that. Am very interested in enviro and social justice issues, so would love to do something along those lines. Any suggestions?


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I'm a Girl Scout leader, and I've taken my DS (23 months) to every single meeting.
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The library gig sounds cool. I think you should go for it.

My DS and I volunteered at a nursing home to assist with worship services. We wheeled the folks down to the chapel, stayed for the service, then wheeled them back to their rooms afterwards. Everyone LOVED seeing DS there, and he got plenty of positive attention.

I also volunteered to teach a class at my church. A few times I taught while wearing DS. Most adult ed programs (through public school districts or through private groups such as churches) are DESPERATE for volunteers to teach all kinds of stuff, from basic computer tutorials (like a "how to use MS word" 6 week class) to odd, specialized topics (I taught "An introduction to Ancient Greek"). My dream is to volunteer to teach a "mommy and me" type class someday.
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Thanks for this post. I've thought about this on an off since dd was born... I guess I just need to get off my butt and do it. I've noticed that our local craigslist always has a lot of listings for volunteers wanted. It's so hard to know what I could *really* do with dd, though. I guess I'm afraid I'll get in over my head somehow.

I'll be back to
: !
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I just began volunteering with my local ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) They are always in need of volunteers to work one-on-one mentoring adults with developmental disabilities. I have a five month old son and we bring our buddy with us for walks, to the park, picnics, etc. It's a blessing for all of us, and it is a great way to incorporate volunteering easily into our day.
Thanks for the ideas! I used to volunteer at a nursing home and really enjoyed it, so maybe that's something I could think of doing again. I'm also afraid of somehow 'getting in over my head', but I also overthink things way too much sometimes and then end of doing nothing! So I think this week I'll contact a few organisations for more information and see what happens.

More ideas welcome!
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I volunteer weekly at a soup kitchen of sorts. It's at the church we attend, and we set up, feed about 75 people and clean up afterward. I've always brought both of my children with me, sometimes wearing them, sometimes letting them crawl on the floor. My dd who is 3 is starting to really help out.
I volunteer at my church teaching Sunday School, helping with the MOPS group and making meals for people who are sick, bereaved, had a new baby, etc. The meal thing is really eaasy b/c I just make double of whatever we're having and deliver it.
I volunteer on line with animal rescue organizations--but not often these days.
GranoLLLy-girl - What do you do for the animal rescues that you could do online?
I'm the volunteer coordinator for the local homeless shelter. My son is the same age as yours and it's impossible to be sure if he's going to cooperate with going along to volunteer someplace in person. Coordinating other volunteers is something I can do on the phone and via email.
I'm a La Leche Leader, I don't know how many hours I put in, but being the sole leader for several hours in any direction keeps me busy. It has been a challenge with dd sometimes, mainly because I have no one to take over for me for a few minutes during the meetings. I now have to rearrange for someone to watch her during my twice a month meetings. I have to pop in a video while I do phone support, she can't entertain herself beyond 2 minutes. I love it, it goes along with my past career, I worked as an RN before dd was born, and eventually will sit to be a IBCLC.
I've done newsletters for two volunteer organizations from my home computer. I've also taken the playpen to the organization's office and done work on their computer and other paperwork while DSs played or napped in the playpen.

From home, I have also organized the nursery volunteers for a church, sending reminder letters each week to the person scheduled for that Sunday.

I've taken my 6 year old to work in a soup kitchen, but I would not be comfortable taking a toddler.

When we visit my grandparents at the nursing home, the residents love seeing the young children - that would be easy.

Do you sew or knit? Newborns in Need is always in the paper requesting items for babies.

Has anyone done Meals on Wheels with their young children? I've wondered if that would be a good option.
something i do with my two year old is pick up trash. i know it is not officially volunteering through an organization, but he really likes it. we take lots of walks and bring along a grabber and so anywhere we walk (to the park, at the park, etc.) we pick up trash along the way. just an idea of something else you can do with a toddler.
Well I volunteer here

But I also volunteer at the Scouts, in my boys school for several different teachers and I plan to start working at a nursing home next fall when both boys are in school full time.
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I am the co-chair of my kids' preschool co-op. It involves the day-to-day operations and working closely with the teachers. We employ 5 teachers, and there's a class for each age group from 1-5. I'm only there on Tues. and Thurs. mornings when my kids are there, but it requires several hours/week of work besides that. We have a 12 member board made up of the parents. They're all volunteer postions.
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