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A good friend of mine's DS is almost 3.5, and vomits almost every day. He will vomit in the following situations:<br><br>
- a smell he doesn't like (could be food, could be scented soap, could be the cedar chips they smelled at the pet store last night)<br>
- crying a lot (like, wake up at night, want mommy, cry, puke)<br>
- eating a food he doesn't like (his mom put a sandwich in his lunch he didn't like the taste of and immediately puked)<br><br>
She was joking yesterday that my house was the only friend's house that he hadn't thrown up in, and tah dah, yesterday, puking in the sink. It isn't proceeded by coughing, just a few seconds of gagging.<br><br>
After he pukes, he is a happy camper and keeps on playing. His entire diet is peanut butter on frozen toaster waffles, strawberries, milk, because anytime she gives him anything else, he pukes.<br><br>
What could be causing it? I was thinking it could be an unconscious way he avoids trying new foods, or it could be bad reflux so eating could actually hurt him, but does that explain the crying or smells causing it?<br><br>
She doesn't seem too worried, but it would worry the crap out of me. It can't be good for his esophogaus (sp?) or his teeth. Anyone with ideas or experience I could share? He is a good friend of DD's and I feel so bad for him!
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