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VT doc recommendation?

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Hello Mommas
We need a new pediatrician ASAP! Within an hour of Montpelier ideally. Can you recommend anyone?
THANKS so much for any help.
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Dr Eckhaus at Montpelier Health Center is awesome but their waiting list was INSANE last I heard...

I hear good things about Richmond pediatrics and have a friend who just saw them for the first time and liked them... (and they are accepting new patients) I don't know how "crunchy" you are but I hear they're pretty nice to the crunchy types...

Good luck! It's really hard to get into the good practices here unless you have a newborn I think...
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I take my kids to Richmond Pediatrics and so far really like them.(Just moved here 2 years ago, so not a lot of experience with them) Great bedside manner and never feel rushed during an app't. Supportive of full term/tandem nursing and delayed and selective vaxing. No nurses, no receptionist, just 2 drs. Not sure what you are looking for though.
Becky Foulk in S. Royalton.

She's freaking great. I recommend her all the time, and everyone loves her. Well worth the drive.

It's just Becky, and her NP, Frank, 2 nurses. Very small, friendly practice. Often we're the only ones there when we go.

Very AP, homebirth, delayed/selective/non-vax friendly, pro bf'ing and extended bf'ing, cosleeping friendly.

Really she's the bomb
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Just came from a meet and greet at Richmond Pediatrics. Dr. Parker was great and we have our first appointment next week. Very excited--thank you for recommending!

Heard so many wonderful things about Dr. Foulk -- opted to go north instead of south simply for logistics of combining errands in that neck of the woods, but again -- THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts -- we're so grateful.

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