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WA Diaper Party check-in!!!

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I thought that, rather than pm everyone at this point, I'd just start a thread where anyone who is interested can check in. So, if you're up for a diaper party, say hi in here, and I'll send out a pm to everyone with the details later.

BTW... I'm Anne, and DH and I live in Lake Stevens. We could host the party at our house, or we could probably host at my MIL's house in Edmonds, if that is easier for everyone. (I'll have to double check that with the ILs, but they're usually pretty good about things like that...). I know that there are a few Mamas who are down near Tacoma, so Lake Stevens is kind of a drive for you, but then again, we live near the lake and there's a great park there for the kiddos to play at (weather providing...) so it might be worth the extra travel time to come up here. OR, if someone who is more centrally-located wants to host, that's fine with me, too!

And tentatively, I'm thinking that the 18th of this month sounds like a good date...
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Moving this to the subforum that includes Washington.
Hey there! Count me in! I'd vote for north of Seattle myself, but that's because I have to make my way from the San Juans. Sounds like fun, though, and I'd love to meet some of the WA "mothering" mommas IRL.
I would love to go, but i am in Richland. Kinda far away. Debi, mamamoo, and i were just talking about having a diaper party. She is in spokane. Munckinsmom is also in richland. Anyone else on the eastern side?
I'm in, I'd go to either Lake Stevens or Edmonds. We live all the way up in Burlington, so I know nobody would want to travel taht far :LOL

let me know when and I'll be there
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Ahhhh, Burlington sounds GRAND to me. Perhaps if need be a mini-party, with the northern WA mamas? (The Bellinghamsters, etc..)
ooh, that would be cool too. Which Island do you live on (or rather which city?) I'm new around here...we moved from Everett to Burlington in Feb. so I'm still learning my way around.

I know another lady who CDs in Oak Harbor.
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I would love to have a diaper party on the Eastern side of the state. I was so excited when I saw the thread about a diaper party and really hoped there would be one I could go to! I have only beed cd'ing for 2 months, but am totally addicted

I live halfway between Tri-cities and Spokane, and can't wait to meet other cd moms!

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Eastern side diaper party would be cool(once I get some more cloth diapers! We're new to it)
Yes, please will someone explain what a diaper party is? This sounds great but I'm not sure what it involves. I am actually seaching right now for new diapers for dd. I am in Olympia by the way and am willing to travel to meet cool mamas and babies.
I think the diaper party is just to come and hang out and bring all your diapers so everyone can see the different kinds and adorable little ones.
(and to eat of course, right??)
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i'm in seattle, and would love to attempt attending a diaper party!! i have lots to show off and i love looking at what other people have
i do have 2 month old twins who don't love the car though, so i can't make any promises.

my parents live on camano island, so i could possibly do a north end meeting. and burlington- nice outlets there

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I'm out on Orcas Island...

Gorgeous place but a heck of a day (at least with the little one) to get to Seattle...

Is there a group of folks up for a "north" gathering? I would be willing to do a Seattle trip, too, if it's a weekend other than the 24-26th of October......
I'm in Tacoma, but DD & I would be happy to drive up north a ways, if we can invite ourselves to the diaper party. I don't know that we'd make it as far north as the party, but we can always try...Maybe we should have a south sound party on another day, too? I'd love a chance to see some other kinds of cloth diapers!
Hotmamacita ~ Bothell isn't that far from Lake Stevens, actually. It's just up Highway 9 past Snohomish. It's probably almost as close for you to get to Lake Stevens as it is for Edmonds, depending on where in Bothell you are.
I can give you directions, but it's easy. I'm in Woodinville all the time... in fact, I need to go there tomorrow and pick up some Eucalan...

It sounds like I'm the most centrally-located for the west-side gals, so I'd be glad to have it here (Lake Stevens) on the 18th, if that works for everyone else. If the weather cooperates (yeah, right...) we're not far from a really nice park that is on the lake and might be a fun place to hang out after we eat.

If all of that sounds good, go ahead and pm me with your information and I'll figure out how many we have. We can coordinate times and food and all that once we know who can make it!
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Well, I just hate freeways...but, I'll attend if you let me know when it is and what time.
We only have one car and I pick up my ds from football practice weekdays at 5PM, so if it's any time near there I can't make it.

If it will be on the 18th, I can definitely make it since I have Saturdays open.

Ooooh, and I'll get to show off all the cool preemie dipes that Terri @ FMBG custom made for PJ! She used her dd's doll dipes as a pattern...and they're *still* too big!
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Is the party over? I'm in Olympia also and would love to attend a diaper party! Thanks!
Nope! The party is still on for this Saturday, noon-ish if that works for everyone. If you're still interested, email me at [email protected] and I'll send you directions. My pm box keeps filling up, so email is easier than pms! Everyone can just bring a lunch or snack-type item to share and whatever drinks they'd like to have. I'll have water, green tea, hot chocolate and a coffee maker if someone wants to bring coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't dare make it for those who are.
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April ~ I got your email and sent you directions. And the more, the merrier!
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Anyone still interested in doing an east side party? I would love to go to one, but don't thing I can host one, is anyone interested in hosting it? I an so jealous of the west siders.

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