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WA in june--western edge

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I am moving to wa (kitsap peninsula) in the end of june, am new to gardening (last one was a flop--started too late because basic setup took way too long & was really clueless, very funny all the same) would i be able to get in some basic newbie crops or should i wait a year?

DH won't be there to help me until Aug so it would just be me & 11 yr old & 8 yr old and i will have to rent the heavy equipment, if that makes a difference.

advice! opinions! all would be welcome and appreciated
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Hi lady!

I am in this forum too! Last year we were in a rental and I did a container garden for the first year. This year I have been following local experts and what not. Right now "we" are putting in onions, potatoes and roses and starting seeds inside.

By June I think most everything will be in the ground BUT you can certainly start your perennial herb garden with a bang. My thyme, oregano, rosemary and sage over-wintered very well. Because of the weird winters here you can get away

It depends on how far away you are from the sound, as well. Here on Henderson Inlet I am in zone 8b where in Charleston I was in zone 8a. The growing season is way shorter here because of the light, but the summers are so mild your tomatoes don't get cooked on the vine. The further into Kitsap you get though, the colder it gets.

Here are some nice resources:

big time help here:,00.html
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