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DS (3yo) has always coslept w/us until this month when we switched him to his big boy bed. for the past year i had been sleeping in a recliner (pregnant and then freshly pp) and DS had been sleeping with DH in the family bed. he was nightweaned. recently, like...this week...i decided to try to return to the family bed. DD (3mo) sleeps fabulously, prefers to sleep in her own little space so we have her in her moses basket which is inside her co-sleeper next to my side.

so...we start out the night just DH and me in the bed, DS in his own room in his own bed, and DD in the co-sleeper/moses basket. this was going well for the first few nights. but now, DS has decided that he no longer wants to be nightweaned. last night he must have nursed 4-5 times. DD suddenly decided, also last night, to wake up every few hours as well (had been sleeping 8-9hr stretches).

should i take this as a signal from them that they want to return to the old situation, where DS was sleeping alone with DH and I was in another room with DD? when i'm not in bed with DS he seems to sleep better. he WAS sleeping through the night in his big boy bed but has stopped doing that as well. i'm not sure what to do.

what i do know is that NONE of us are sleeping as well with this new arrangement, but i'm not sure which part of the arrangement to change. thoughts? advice?
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Maybe your DS doesn't want to miss out on the family "action". I know my DD insists on sleepig with us. I think she doesn't want to feel left out since DS is with us. Could you put him on a mattress in your room? I bet DD is waking because DS is waking. Or maybe she's going through a growth spurt.
there's no room for anything else in our room, unfortunately. the only other thing i could do is sleep in the other recliner that's in our room and let him have the bed with DH, and DD stay in the cosleeper. we'd all be in the same room but he'd have more space.

hm....had had seemed so ready to go to the big boy bed...he was so excited, he loves his truck the middle of the night last night he actually didn't want to come to the family bed but i was friggin EXHAUSTED and needed to sleep and i can't sleep in his twin. so i carried him into our room, but he wasn't ecstatic about it.

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