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WAAAAH! Major leaks last night!

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Both of our lullaby dreams were dirty so we used a FB w/ 2 microfiber inserts. I know exactly what happened though...the pee hit the microfiber and ran right out the leg because the extra bulk make the FB not fit properly around the legs.
: So when DH and I were going to go to bed, I checked on Dallin and he was SOAKED- sheets, PJ's...everything! So I did a quick PJ change, layed a fleece blanket over the wet spot ( I can't change the sheets on the crib myself because of my back) and put him in a sposie.
: He asked for water and drank about a half a cup and went right back to sleep. Well, he woke up at 6:30 and was SOAKED again. That sposie weighed (I'm not kidding) about 2 pounds. Soaked front to back. Wet PJ's AGAIN!!!! So I stripped the bed, and gave Dallin a bath and put him in a prefold w/ a wool soaker.
I hate disposables, I can't believe I thought that they would WORK last night!!
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