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Originally Posted by HappiLeigh
Dorothy. We feel like it's in the grandma-name genre (which we like) but is being underused now because of the whole Oz thing. We didn't want a name in the top 50. So, Dorothy. We'll probably call her Dori and Dorothy.
The funny thing is, DH's grandma (who has Dorothys as friends) was like, "why would you give her a fusty old name like that? I like Lexi." (NOT a name we considered.)

Thank you all for the congrats! We are still on a pink-tinged high.

I LOVE IT!! I love old fashioned ones - actually I don't even think its that old fashioned. I liked Barbara, Estelle and Althea but DH said no. I say go for Dorothy!! Well, of course you'll have to take a look at her first and make sure she really is a Dorothy, but you can get a lot of cute nicknames out of that one.
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