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So for years and years Ive had a very very very dry scalp, it gets super flaky mainly along my hairline and I'v always managed to control it with Neutrogena t-sal shampoo, though there are occasional flare ups that I figured were weather related. Anyway, inspired by this site I tried no-poo for several weeks and it made my actual hair BEAUTIFUL! I was finally wearing my typcially uncontrollable thus slicked back hair down. But my scalp went absolutely to pot. It is horrible now. I am back to shampooing every other day (my hair is quite dry naturally so I really don't want to do it more than that and anyways, that dries my scalp out too) but I am using a trader joes shampoo that has tea tree oil and rosemary and all sorts of good stuff in it, but not noticing any improvement. I've also done the acv/water rinse, I've put tea tree oil, shea butter, jojoba oil directly on my day it is back to super super flaky and the skin feels tight and looks reddened. I'm so frustrated and don't want to go back to the t-sal as it has tons of chemical scary stuff in it, but I don't know what else to do! In the past I've used scalpicin, and all the other natural stuff mentioned above....sort of works? Even the tsal only works to an extent, there are always bad times and good times. Also I'm wondering if wearing my hair down could have anything to do with this? I have not worn it down in years and now that I am wearing it down it is worse than it has been in years - but I've mostly blamed the change in treatment regiment, since it all happened at the same time. I am also frustrated b/c I am SO happy with how my hair looks that I really don't want to go back to all the chemicals, but am coming up short with addressing the scalp. I've often wondered if maybe it is some localized psoriasis, as I have it nowhere else on my body but my hairline, but am reluctant to go to a dermatologist as I'm sure they'll just dole out a chemical shampoo. Anyway, thought I would post here an see if you all have any idea. Thanks in advance!
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