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The median housing prices seemed about right for my area but the wages per different jobs I checked off were way too high. I about spit my drink seeing over 9/hr for Home Health Aide. The HHAs in my area are working at or a little over minimum wage (6.25), if it were really 9/hr, I'd of ran back and recertified already.* Dh sure as heck isn't making almost 15/hr as a security guard, he's at 8/hr now, you'd have to be a real higher-up to be making 15. In fact they asked him to switch sites and take a pay cut a few weeks ago. He said no and soon he'll be bartending again.

COL in my area is so-so. Property taxes are through the roof in one area and well under a grand for an acre-ish in other towns. Transportation systems are blah so many people really need a car if they are far away from their jobs.

I guess there are quite a lot of variables to consider.

* If I didn't go through an agency and lucked out and found a family to hire me under the table I could easily get 9/hr
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