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Doesn't have my area, so I picked Boise, with 3 occupations and renting

As an Auto Mechanic, DH made 9/hour - The site shows 18
As a Construction Laborer, DH made 8/hour - The site shows 15
As a Delivery Truck Driver (DH was actually a garbage truck driver), DH made 10/hour - The site site shows 13

Note that DH made the most on the site that shows the least. For rent, it's sort of accurate. 1 bedroom- 10/hour, 2 bedroom - 12/hour. DH was making 7-8/hour back when we were in a 2 bd apartment and while we needed (some, not the full allotment) food stamps, it was ok. 12 an hour would have been nice.

Went back and did home ownership and it shows 65k needed, which sucks to be us cause we barely make half that.
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