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WAH/baby to work tips please!

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I'm heading back to work next week and would love some tips and advice from those of you who have btdt...

I work pt (30 hours) as the pastor of a small church in a small college town...Thomas will be 2 months and I plan to bring him to the office with me some and spend more time than before working at home. Fortunately the only other person at the office is the secretary who is there two mornings a week. I'll have to figure out how to handle meetings and study groups, too.

For those who have brought baby to work, how did it go? Did you mostly use the sling? Bring a place for baby to sit/sleep? Take play breaks? What did you do during meetings, etc?

For those who wah, how do you do it? Work during naps or at night? When dh was home?

Though I'll have ds with me, my fear is that the quality of our time will plummet as I am trying to multitask and get work stuff done. But I'm very thankful to have a flexible job that I love and that permits me to set my schedule and bring him with me. So I'm very much hoping we can make it work.

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Check out this thread. Lots of people had great advice. My assistant chose not to do this but it was interesting information. There is also a tribe thread floating around about women who bring their babies to work. I'm not sure where it is. Good luck.
The Tribe

Tons of great problem-solving advice, including a woman with almost exactly the same work situation as you.
Thanks, these links are a big help!

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