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WAHM Christmas dipes?????SPAM welcome!

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Thought I would start looking for a christmas print. Anyone know who's got them already?? Links please!!
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I surely can't speak for everyone, but I just listed a turkey diaper cover on auction and I was worried that it might even be a bit early to bust out the Thanksgiving stuff. I know I plan on doing a ton of Christmas items but I don't have any *yet*. I'll probably wait until the end of October anyway.... so that might be why you're having trouble finding something! GL!
There's an adorable SM Firefly fitted with a Christmas print here:

Orange Starfish

Scroll down to the bottom-it's the last listing. Please get it because I've been eyein git for 2 days and it won't even fit anyone in my house! LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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