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WAHM made waterPROOF breastpads??

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I have some awesome wool/silk and cashmere breastpads from Luxebaby but I am leaking so much this time I go right through them
I'm currently using icky lansinoh sposies but want something reusable. Any good WAHM made pads that are packed with PUL or something equally waterproof for when I leave the house? I love the disreet oval shape of the Luxe but am willing to look at any shape. Spam is welcome
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts had pul breastpads. i bet she would make wool or hemp ones too if you e-mailed her.

oops, she switched to only youth and adult diapers. i forgot. sorry.
Mother of Eden Makes them with the same PUL and Fleece as Fuzzi Bunz

Jamtots has them as do a few other places
Be careful of anything that is waterproof, especially in the summer months. If the product is not breathable, you may be setting yourself up for a case of thrush, which loves a warm, damp, sugary place to grow!

Would fully wool ones be more absorbant? I didn't know about them myself when I was gushing like Niagara Falls, but recently did a bit of poking around for another mum.

I always threw a change of shirt for myself in the diaper bag. DD never needed a change of clothes, just mama! Dark prints are best for hiding leaks, dark solids are the worst!
Thanks for the recs. I know about the thrush issue - mainly want them for out and about since the leaking is so bad. I have fully wool (double felted THICK cashmere) ones too and I leak straight through, or the milk leaks so fast the wool has no time to absorb it so it drips out from underneath the pad.
Annoying to say the least since I LOVE the feel of the Luxe pads.
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