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WAHM Pocket Dipes

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Can anyone tell me of a WAHM who makes great pocket dipes at a great value? We aren't quiite in the market for new sizes yet but when we do get to that point I'd like to go all pocket (SOOO easy and I'm hoping to win hubby over) but the Brand Name pockets (FB, HH, WR) are quite pricey for us, even second hand.

Thanks mamas!
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we love ours and the price is reasonable as well.
Cherub Cheeks

I really like these - I need to get some more, they are inexpensive, and work great!
Harleyz! They have great package deals and a coupon code for diaper hunt participants. ....the link for Harleyz

Also ...she stocks on Tursdays I believe
Thanks everyone for the great sites! I have them bookmarked so I can shop with funds later and drool over them in the meantime! :LOL Keep them coming please!
Definitely Shannon at Green Acre Designs- I love her dipes (and they come with a hemp insert!)

I highly recommend the Celtic Cloth pockets!!
I will add another vote for Harleyz! they are my fave!!!
Lisa is awesome to work with and her diapers are wonderful! I have ordered several times and I keep going back for more

Oh, and dreamboat diapers are great, too. Especially if you have a toddler that likes to unfasten diapers. The way she sews the tabs makes it hard to open them.
Both of these give a 10% discount with the goddess card

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Knickernappies. Unfortunately its hard to get a hold of these right now since the owner has changed. But, they are worth the wait!
here you can find a bunch of different wahms.
I would definitately without hesitation say and Knickernappies if you can get them. We used both Shannon's stuff almost exclusively when my ds was in size meds. I just got three Disposanots II that we are loving fitwise. I do need to get some more Green Acre pockets===we LOVE these!!
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I love my fleece pockets from
We only use
Cloth Ease by GreenAcreDesigns
BayBee and

I am a nut for trimness!
I agree with Mich!! Trimness is awesome with Harleyz and Cloth Ease!! I love how the Cloth Ease fit like a glove everytime!!
ditto the raves for
we also love our pockets from
Snap-ez stocks on Saturday.
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