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Well this cycle I have had 3 BFN's. I am supposed to get my visit from AF on saturday so if there is no cramping then I think I will test again. I deffinantly have to wait till then because I only have one test left and I really am not going to buy anymore this cycle.<br><br>
My last test was yesterday A.M. and it was of course a BFN. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/gloomy.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Gloomy">: That was 10 DPO so I think it was pretty accurate. Especially considering the sensativity of test I used. 20mIU/mL. Well I guess in a way I already know I am not PG.<br><br>
Guess I should start prepairing myself for the next cycle.<br><br>
Good luck to all of you still waiting to know. I hope you get good news. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="thumbs up">
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