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Waiting list for Kozy?

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The website says it's a month long. Just wondering if it was really a month? Or is it less? I hate to wait a month! Agh.
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It's really a month. She often has 100 carriers on order. It'll go by faster than you think, though.
I think its a bit more than a month actually... I put my name on the list May 12th and havent heard anything about being "up" yet cause she has to ask about my fabric
So I would say its probably between 1-2 months right now....

ETA: my friend ordered 4/12 and got to pick her fabric the other day
so 1.5-2 months is probably accurate
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We waited a bit over a month for our new kozy as well, but kelley is great to work with and the time does fly by! lol
I put my 'order' in to be on the waiting list this past Tuesday, and got a confirmation on Thursday that I was indeed on the list, and that currently that the wait was about 45 days.
I think there's a similar carrier to the Kozy on the trading post for 25 dollars.
Yikes! I HATE waiting, LOL. It'll be close to August before I get it
I wish I had known before. I would have liked it for the summer bc we'll do a lot of day trips. That sucks!

Maybe I'll buy something for now to hold me over until then
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