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Or, the diaper fairy was super busy this week!

I was once again visited!
All I can say is that it was a good thing I was sitting on the floor with all the packages this morning with the kids (who acted like it was christmas :LOL and it was pretty close!) helping me. I got a few packages of clothes for the boys from the trading post that were great. I also got a well loved buzfuz from the trading post as well. I'm really intrigued with this diaper as I can now tell Lori has tweaked her design a bit along the way from when ever she started till now - and the doubler is snap in - how cool is that? I dont mind it being so broken in - it is so soft! Natural colored for the Fuz-curious out there ... Anyways, best of all -

The diaper fairy left several dyed shirts and a wonderful hand-dyed rainbow ubcpf, and a Bummis cover - and I had really been in need of an extra cover! All I can say is wow. What a treat for my boys (who tossed wonderful color all about the living room) who have been knocked out by high fevers for now over a day. So for a little while they all looked like little sleepy hippies (except for the baby, who fortunately is not sick) - I grabbed a picture of Donovan and Liam - go here - and scroll all the way to the bottom
Just had to show off all that color! Kieran at the time was taking a much needed nap in the other room. Donovan happened to be wearing an old old tyedyed fitted, a coinky dink, really!
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