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waking from nap and still tired

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My ds recently went from two naps to one (about two weeks ago). Thursday and Friday last week he slept two hours which was a miracle, but most of the time he sleeps about an hour and ten minutes or so(which is about how long each of his two naps used to be) - then I go in there and he's crying - obviously still tired. I lie down with him on the bed next to his crib and he's back to sleep in a minute or two. I can rarely sneak him back in the crib. Is he having dreams maybe? Now he's sleeping on the bed - I snuck out to write this. Any ideas on why he's waking when he just goes back to sleep? Silly boy!
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Sounds like things around our house. Jacob takes one nap a day and almost always wakes up about half way through... sad and crying and still sleepy. I lie down next to him and he nurses back to sleep. I am not sure why he wakes up - he is sleeping very well at night without waking. Guess its just a thing he needs. Works okay for me, but it makes it very hard if I am not around in the middle of naptime.

Ds is 29 months, and for almost the last year or so, after he wakes from his hour nap, he nurses and sleeps on my lap for almost another 2 hours. I am lucky that I can do this with him, as I don't have any other children yet, and I really enjoy the sweet time, but I feel that maybe I am not teaching him the best habit. Lately, however, he has been napping for 2 hours and then sleeping/nursing on my lap for another 30 minutes to an hour. So maybe he is slowly making the transition himself?

If I'm not home when he wakes up, he is cranky for a few minutes with dh, but then usually gets over it. Of course, dh will often put on a video to kind of get him out of his funk.

I really don't know if it's an issue of needing more sleep, or a personality thing. Ds has always been a cranky waker-upper. We used to sing "Waking up is hard to do" (sung to the tune of Breaking Up is Hard to Do) when he was a baby, because he was always so cranky when he woke up.
I'm not sure why this happens but my dd's been doing the same thing for months. She's 34 mos. old now and when she wakes up fussing in her bed (she knows I can hear her on the monitor and come running) I ask her if she wants to go back to sleep or wake up? It's about 50/50, and if she wants to go back to sleep I just have to rub her legs or head and she'll close her eyes again.

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