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DS is 11 months old. He has slept with us since birth, and has typically woken every couple hours to nurse, and then go back to sleep. Usually he'd just squirm a little, I'd wake up and nurse him, and we'd go back to sleep. No crying and not much disturbance. Although he woke frequently at night, since he settled quickly with nursing, I was coping pretty well (I also nap with him).

Over the past couple weeks, he is waking more frequently and not easily. As soon as he wakes up, he flips into crawling and starts crying. He'll crawl all over the mattress and the bedroom, crying. I end up chasing him down, trying to get him to nurse, and trying to settle him. This happens every hour or so. Generally he will eventually go back to sleep, but it often takes way more nursing than before (half an hour). At one point last night, he needed 30 minutes of nursing and then 45 minutes with Daddy cuddling him.

Any insight into what may be causing this? Can I do anything to help him, or do I just need to ride it out? I'm getting very tired!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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