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Waking up SO...???

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I'm up, as usual. Sleeping pill only worked for a few hours, kinda. It just relaxed me...didn't put me to sleep. The pill leaves a God awful taste in my mouth resulting me into not being able to drink anything w/out having to chug it and then gagging afterwards bc it's so nasty. It's 4am here and I'm bored and incredibly thirsty and want to wake up DH...why do I want to wake him up, I'm not really sure why. I guess I'm tired of doing this alone and want his support, even though he can't really do anything.

Have you momma's woken up your SO to either do something for you in the middle of the night, or 'just bc'...??? If so, what for?

This baby WILL come out right?

OH! I thought of a cute t-shirt for a pg momma..."This too shall pass...." LMBO!
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I've woken DH up a few times. Not really anything pregnancy-related though. Sometimes because I had a really vivid dream and wanted to make sure it *was* a dream. Or if I have nightmares, I have to tell *someone* because if I don't, they will continue on until I do... I *want* to wake him up just about every night, if he's asleep and I'm not. He's not suffering enough with this pregnancy.
I sometimes just want to wake him up so he can be with me, just sitting/laying down/watching tv... *something* so I'm not the only one who can't sleep.
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I've lived with DH for nearly 3 years now, but I remember the very first time I got sick at night and threw up was about a year ago (if that), and I went, threw up, showered, and went to wake him up to make me feel better (and hopefully clean it up
). He wouldn't wake, and I cleaned it up and was miserable. The other night he was asleep and the sheet and mattress cover got pulled off the whole top of the bed, woke me up, and I made him stand up so I could fix it all. He slept through it standing up and doesn't remember it.
I have a sound sleeper, it would seem.
Now he works nights though, so if I want to whine when I can't sleep I just text him and he calls if he can, texts if he can't call. It happens often, not from insomnia but from heartburn.
I am definitely one of those who wants him awake with me when I'm miserable though. When I would get insomnia before, I'd lay there and glare at him for having the audacity to be able to sleep when I couldn't.
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I really want to go wake him up. I want to go do something lol. Like go get breakfast and go for a walk all bundled up or something. Maybe go to the park and cuddle, watch the sun rise. I dunno. Something. I know he was up late last night doing something on the computer for work, but I'm not sure how late he was I'd fell bad if he only has been asleep for a couple of hours.
But I'm bored. And I want him to make me not be bored. Isn't that a good compromise for making his baby????

I'm debating really hard whether to go wake him....I might go in there and ask him if he would be mad if I made him get
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Haha, waking my husband up intentionally at night for anything other than an emergency would result in a fierce fight. The man loves his sleep.
I know exactly where you are coming from. Lately I have such a hard time sleeping and I seem to be in a pattern of getting up around 3:00 or 4:00 and cant get back to sleep. I dont intentionally wake up DH but I am certainly not very quiet
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I woke my husband up Thursday morning at 5:30 (the middle of the night for him). I said "Get up. I think baby's coming in the next few days and we've got to get our work done." We had our best work day ever.
I was a good girl and didn't wake him up. I did lay in there from about 6-7am, but got up bc every time I did nothing to wake him up on 'accident.' So I went and laid on the couch and fell in and out of sleep. Until he woke up about 10 minutes ago. I told him he had a nice wife. lol He asked why I said that, and I said "Bc I didn't wake you up at 4am like I wanted to." He just snickered.

So we are off to eat some donuts and to the mall to walk around...labor HAS to start at some point in my life before I turn 60...
I feel your pain. After a not-great night of sleep and getting up at 6am (my 3-year-old son got up at 6:30am), I finally snapped at my husband to get up and help me at 8am. For about an hour before that, I sat downstairs stewing about him sleeping in and wondering why I felt so angry about it. After he finally got up, I sat down on the stairs and burst into tears, saying I wasn't sure I could make it through another day of being pregnant.

I keep trying to think about how grateful I will be to go into least when I haven't convinced myself that I never will.

There's a full moon on Thursday - I'm betting it will happen then, if not sooner.
2 can't see even trying to get DH up at 4 when I've been about done with my tingly hands and sore back. He's of the mindset that it's fruitless for us both to suffer.

What almost earned him a kick in the crotch however, was telling me after I told him I'd been awake since 4 this morning "You know, you really should be trying to get your rest right now."
Um, duh? He doesn't understand the flawed design behind Mother Nature having us get such crap sleep right before the most grueling physical task of labor. I have to say...I'm feeling like the entire system is pretty faulty about now.

DD2 also ended up in bed last night and she's the snuggler. ACK I need my space right now, and she kept trying to kick my blankets and pillows away. I almost considered leaving her and DH there and going downstairs to sleep in HER bed.
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I wake him up to take the dog out. He hates it..but it's his it's cold, I hate cold
: and he moved us here!

I wake him up to clean up his mess...he eats a snack every night, falls asleep on the couch and never cleans it up. I wake him up and make him clean it up. If not the kids will wake up early and break the dish or get into the mess, etc.
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I told him later in the day that I wanted to wake him up at 4am to go get something to eat and watch the sun rise. He said "You should have...but just remember to be nice when you wake me up..." WHA? I'll wake you up with a swift kick in your head if you're not careful.
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