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Wal Mart microfiber towels

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I've been seeing these towels mentioned a lot in several threads. What exactly are they, and where in Wal Mart do I find them?

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And can I get microfiber towels/inserts from some nice WAHM rather than the huge corporate walmart empire?? Thanks!
I know a mom who uses the ones from walmart, but I never paid much attn b/c I thought that they were disposable and just hearing that they were in the automotive section scared me away!
Maybe I'm not talking about the same thing you are though, b/c I distinctly remember her saying to only use the side that isn't blue next to baby's skin b/c the urine will make the blue side bleed coloring..........
: Anyway, hopefully someone else here will better know what the walmart ones are.
See less See more had wahm made microterry inserts last time I was at the site.
I use these to clean the windows, mirrors and glass at my house. They work wonderful for this.
I avoid using synthetics against Lulu's skin so I havent tried them in her diaper.

I feel guilty buying them from Evilmart, though. But, I figure at least im using them instead of a roll after roll of paper towels.
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are these like a super shammy (not sure how to spell it the *correct* way). My friend bought some of these at a fair and says they're so super absorbent and would like to make diapers out of them or at least use for the soaker. But you can't put them in the dryer.

Is this the same material???
The microfiber towels work best as inserts for pocket diapers, or as enclosed soakers. You don't want the microfiber against your baby's skin because it really DOES suck up all the moisture and will dry out your little one's bum (not in a good way, either).

I use the microfiber towels from Costco (much nicer and more absorbant than the W-mart ones). They are great stuffed inside my HH or FB, but lately I've also been topping them with fleece or cotton velour and using them as snap in soakers in my fitteds.

I've also made some HB-like AIOs with the towels in the soaker layer & so far they are working great. They don't seem to retain any odors at all. Plus they are very trim, even folded into thirds.

I know some people don't like synthetics in the dipes, but I figure that since I sew the towels onto the soaker layer of flannel, then completely cover it with cotton velour, or hemp sherpa/fleece, it's not touching my son's bum directly. I'm ok with that since they work well and give me very trim dipes.
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Sorry, I didn't mean to make anyone feel guilty! I just like to support WAHMs and other small businesses whenever possible. But, mea culpa, I buy dogfood, etc. at Sam's so we're all in this together
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Oh, and synthetic isn't much of an issue if (like me) you're already using FB and HH. Certainly, PUL and microfleece are not natural fibers! I do like using hemp for its many physical diapering benefits, as well as because I like to support cultivation of such an environmentally friendly crop. But conventional cotton isn't to "natural" either in terms of its cultivation; few crops are as resource intensive and environmentally damaging as cotton, sigh. Sorry to be depressing...
The Walmart towels are really absorbant and inexpensive but Ive found that after just a few months they stop working. Its great for a mom trying out a pocket diaper though. They only cost a buck a piece and if you dont like FBs or HHs then you dont have to worry about the insert, use it as a great cleaning rag

Someone was talking about blue towels.. please allow me to try and help here
ag These towels come in packs of five and are found in the automotive department at Walmart. They are wrapped like a pair of socks. There are usually two white and three blue towels. The blue ones bleed horribly! Try to get five whites... sometimes the packs are opened so you can put together your own pack of all whites. If not then use the whites for your inserts and the blues for rags. I primarily use FB so bleeding didnt matter really.. I used them all.

You dont want micro-fiber against babys skin, these are for pocket diapers or like the poster above said you can sew some fleece, flannel or whatever over them in a fitted or to use as a doubler in a prefold.
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I use microterry and suspect that any tendency to lose absorbency is due to detergent buildup. I strip all my dipes about once every 2 or 3 months and have found that really boosts absorbency in all my dipes, not just the microterry soaker ones.
I heard about them, and mentioned it to my family one day, my older brother, who is unmarried, very frugal and loves mechanics, decided the next time he was at the automotive store to look for them, well, all he could remember was that I was using them for diapers, so he found a package of cloths that said "diaper soft cloths" assuming they were what I was talking about, he bought me 3 packs. Well, it was not microfiber towels, just cottom cloths that are soft "like cloth diapers", but......
On topic now, I did go buy some microfiber towels at walmart to use in my son's HH, and I really love how inexpensive and trim they are (and no bleeding with the blue after the first wash). I would not use them against baby's skin at all though.
No there is no detergent buildup. They simply lose their fluff and absorbtion lessens with time. They get very thin after about three months. I bought another pack and they work very well. Over time the cost will be about the same as just getting inserts which I did but they really are great anyway.

As for bleeding, they did bleed but only onto certian diapers and covers. The FBs and HHs were fine but the inside of my covers turned a yucky gray as did some of my cotton ones. No biggie, I didnt care
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Thanks, everyone, for your responses. A lot of good info in this thread.
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I bought some of those after reading about them here. They were okay, but I was not crazy about them. They work great for cleaning, though.

As far as EVILmart goes. My dh is a manager there. I know you are not technically supporting a WAHM when you purchase things there. But, you are supporting a lot of associates and their families. And, a portion of your purchase goes to the profit sharing of each employee. I know I hope Wal-mart does well since it is our main source of income. Yes, they DEFINITELY have their faults (dh works WAY too many hours for the pay).
I bought a pack from Wal*mart (in the automotive section). I did what another MDC mom here suggested and switched the blue ones out of my pack for the white ones in another pack
I use them in my pocket dipes, pretty interchangably (sp?) with my Joey Bunz. They have worked well so far. The only think I hate about them is that they kind of stick to themselves when I get them out of the dryer? I have to uncurl all the edges, which is kind of a PIA. LOL. they are very absorbent though - I like using them with one Joeybunz over night as they are more supple than the JBz - it makes the diaper less stiff.

Harleyz Dipeez sells microfiber cloths too - you can join the yahoo group at

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I had heard about the blue ones bleeding too and since they come 2 white and 3 blue per package I did the same thing yesterday, stood in the isle of walmart taking apart the packages so i could get 5 all white towels in one pakage. Everyone was wondering what in the heck i was I could have explained it, if they did ask..haha
I got 2 packs at walmart and 2 packs at target. I'm going to cut each cloth into fours, hem the open sides, and walla! I got 80 wipes for 18.00. (oh yeah!
) I washed them on hot, the blue dyed the white ones an even pale blue, no biggy. I like them for DD wipes, but them again I'm also in love with Victorias secret microfiber body by victoria line!
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I felt the peer pressure :LOL

I was at the dollar store and I saw the microfiber towels and I picked up a pack to get them and when I touched the stuff it about made my skin crawl.

Like having flakey dry feet and scraping it against silk sheets. Or biting into a wet sweater. OMG *shudder* I think the micro ones at walmart came in a bag so I cant feel them. Do they all have this weird feeling to them?
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